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18th March 2020
Many soaps are back in stock again. I am now working away at trying to add more soaps to the website but not making much headway!
I do have Lemongrass & Organic Oat, Lavender & Rosemary, Vetiver & Neroli, Sandalwood, Jasmine Goats Milk Soaps in stock. if they are still not on the website please email me if you would like to order.
Also you can now check out as a guest rather than logging in, registering etc, if you prefer.
Please email me if you need any help.
I can reassure you that all the palm oil that I use has for years been exclusively Soil Association Certified.
Kind regards

Welcome to my collection of home grown goats milk hand-made soaps and  herbal balms.

Cashmere Skincare tends to be booked in advance which leads to stock on the shelf being low, if available. If you are a regular customer please contact me as you will be given priority.
Many thanks. Carol.

Around thirty years ago the Country Living magazine wrote an article about my business. At that time I was the only traditional soapmaker in Britain. How things have changed!

Around thirty something years ago I started traditionally hand-making small quantities of soap here on a smallholding in the Scottish Borders. To-day, my own herd of dairy goats still supplies fresh milk to enrich these moisturising bars. In addition, plant oils, fresh herbs from my garden and fragrant essential oils are chosen and used by me to produce a range of luxurious hand-made items to pamper you. The palm oil that I use has for years been exclusively Soil Association Certified.

Do have a look in the online shop where you can place orders now.  Feel free to use the Contact Us menu to give us a call if you'd like to place an order by phone. Alternatively you can download an Order Form

Please note  - The workshop is not open to the public. The Cashmere goats who supply the milk for these products are feral in their behaviour, which means they are very alarmed by strangers and any stress leads to a drop in their milk supply. A quiet, stable routine is essential for their well-being. I am sure that you can understand that due to this there is no facility for visitors to visit the goats.

You can be assured that we would never sell or trade any of your details.

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