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This is a truly one-woman business! All products are made by me from beginning to end here in my workshop on the smallholding. I make the creams in small batches of around twelve items per time. All are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, not tested on animals and have a very minimal carbon footprint. Products are hand made here and sent directly to you. The ingredients chosen are Soil Association certified whenever possible.

The palm oil that I use has for years been exclusively Soil Association Certified.
There are no synthetic colourings, no GMOs, no petrochemicals, no animal testing, and no fillers. I also never add paraben preservatives or sodium laurel sulphate.

Traditionally hand-made soap
The term 'hand-made' is confusing. It can be used for ready-made soap that is bought in, melted, bits added and poured into moulds. I like to invent my own recipes and choose ingredients for specific skin types. Like my customers, I like to know what is in my soap!
Moisturising milk from my own small herd of dairy goats enhances all of my soaps.I tend the goats daily and continue to hand milk. My herd's high-quality yield is ensured through grazing chemical free pasture, supplemented by local meadow hay and home-mixed cereals. During the winter or when the weather is harsh, comfort is found in a spacious straw-bedded wooden barn. On the rare occasion when nature needs a helping hand, I always prefer to use homeopathic remedies.

Natural ingredients
Only natural spring water is used in my recipes. The palm oil that I use has for years been exclusively Soil Association Certified.

Much of the fun of soapmaking for me comes from selecting tempting natural ingredients from my workshop shelves.

Balmpots - kind to skin and many uses.
I often receive letters of thanks from people with sensitive skin.

I am glad that customers are enjoying the Balmpots. New packaging ideas are on the way. They are kind to the skin and have many different uses. Weary Foot Balm is welcome after shopping, as is Muscle Masseur to ease aches after all that heavy shopping. Calm Balm may make it all possible! Winter Balm can soothe a cold. And of course Land of Nod can help you get a good night's sleep. Don't forget Lip and Hooter Balm!

Pure Peace of Mind Cream - Small batches are regularly made using pure oils and beeswax.A blend of Rose Geranium and Lavender essential oils added benefit to mind and body.The number of customers who write to tell me of the comfort that this original cream brings always encourages me. I get news of it being used as a a moisturising cream for very dry complexions. Babies' bottoms, hand cream, flaky skin, nourishment to strengthen nails, sunburn - the list goes on. Please keep sending your suggestions. It is appreciated for its economy of use.

Pure Peace of Mind Organic Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Wash and Body Moisturiser share the same aromatherapy grade essential oils of  Rose Geranium and Lavender

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