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A newborn Scottish cashmere kid

A newborn Scottish cashmere kid


Well the weather turned yesterday so no pictures were taken.
It is still wet and windy outside. Thankfully the workshop is toasty warm thanks to the wonderful sixty year old Rayburn.
I am about to make Rose Geranium and Lavender soap and feel sure that gently heating the oils on the Rayburn does make a better soap!
Rosie the Anglo Nubian goat to the left in the picture above, supplied the milk for todays soap.

Bayberry Soap is available again as several customers mentioned that they missed the scent. It is a lovely soap for autumn and winter months.

Calendula Petal above, is also back in stock. It is what I am using in the cottage at the moment. I love the way that it just smells of proper soap!
The simple things in life.

I hope that you have a happy clocks back Sunday.  Carol.

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