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Pure Goats' Milk Soap

Pure Goats' Milk Soap
PureSoap.jpgPure Soap
PureSoap.jpgPure Soap
From: 5.00
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I have had a fairly rare skin condition for several years which results in excessive skin dryness. I have tried most of the widely- available soaps and without exception, they make the dryness worse - this includes some other Goat's Milk soaps that I have used. I have been using Carol's Pure Goat's Milk Soap for over 5 years and can honestly say that it is the only bar soap that actually eases my skin condition. I know that I've found the best soap for me. David Ward

Pure Soap
- Simply goats' milk soap with nothing added. Unscented soap is perfect for those with extra-sensitive skin.

Available in several sizes (see related items) and with a choice of presentation:

Hand size - 2½" by 2" by 1" approx (6.35cm by 5.08cm by 2.54cm approx)

Choose from Tissue, Tartan or floral fabric wrapping - Hand Size Only.

Bath Size - Equivalent to 4 Hand Sized bars.  Only available tissue-wrapped.

Block soap - Equivalent to 8 Hand Sized bars - choose from cut or uncut.  Only available tissue-wrapped.





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